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Pop // Dublin , Dublin

Syrens are named after the deadly mermaids from Greek mythology.
Their music fuses many genres such as pop, folk and jazz. Ella grew up with a classical music background, starting violin at a young age. She fell in love with other genres such as R&B and Jazz through the years but continued classical training. An artist she is particularly inspired by is Leon Bridges. Bríd's inpiration hails from the classic folk artists of the 60s like Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel. Their influence on her narrative lyrics and striking imagery is hugely apparent. The instrumentation involves Ella on violin and keyboard and Bríd on guitar. They focus on harmonies in most of their songs. They are also accompanied by a percussionist playing cajon.
The members met in BIMM, a music college where they both study songwriting. 
Syrens released a single called 'Hit And Run' which will be part of an EP that will be released following their next single 'Room For Two'. All future releases will be available on all digital streaming platforms.

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