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Pop // Dublin, Dublin

Shane Tadgh Nolan is a 25-year-old songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist from Dublin, Ireland. Growing up on 90’s hip-hop and RnB, TADGH has a unique writing style that breathes nostalgia. Combining this aspect with his fresh and quirky vocal, we arrive at TADGH’s unique sound.

‘Soup’, the latest production from TADGH defines a melancholic pluck-driven love song with massive contrasts in sections. This track references the ups and downs we go through in relationships via contrasting tones and timbres.

“To me, this song marks an honest and vibrant shift in tone. Not just musically, but contextually as well. Being true to yourself and documenting your life as honestly as possible is a very important aspect for me and I hope you guys can absorb this with open arms.” (Hotpress Magazine, 2018)"

“A combination of lush synths meet bouncy guitar licks, all of which blend seamlessly with TADGH’s vocal and quirky lyrics. It will be interesting to see how the Dublin songwriter develops this new sound from here.” (Nialler9, 2018)

Catchy hooks and lush guitar lines laced with groovy rhythms and a high-energy Timberlake-esque vocal is what you should expect at a TADGH show.

The proud Irishman sports a friendly and approachable persona on stage that turns his show into an immersive experience. He mostly performs accompanied by his 4-piece band.

2019 sees TADGH about to release a plethora of great music as he enters the most exciting chapter of his journey yet.

Follow his journey: @TADGHOfficial


"An outrageously infectious live performer, TADGH makes a marked leap forward on 'I Am The Champion', drawing the funky soul party vibes of the stage all together in one track. Little bits of Republic of Loose rhythmic grooving, some tongue-in-cheek humour in the lyrics and an OUTRAGEOUS funk-bomb in the closing 40 seconds, you just can't feel anything but good after this." (REMY, 2019)


'The Dublin-based musician delivers a heartfelt and thoughtful new single ‘Soup’ and proves once again his astonishing talent.

Starting with a smooth beat and light sounds, stimulating relaxation dominates the track’s beginning. Introducing a laid-back-attitude, the energizing chorus freshens up the listeners ears with a more raised voice. (Hotpress 2018)