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Pop // Dublin, Carlow // He/Him

The pianist, the songwriter, the vocalist, the costume designer. No matter the medium Tadhg's artistry is always surprising, authentic, raw and above all else, thrillingly entertaining.

In his own show stopping performances Tadhg is often compared to David Bowie, Elton John, Meatloaf, or Freddie Mercury. However he often flips this dominating aura to tell more personal and delicate stories in the style of Joni Mitchell, or Dolly Parton.

Having studied music business in BIMM, and Jazz and Contemperary performance in DCU. Tadhgs academic background, coupled with his active role in Dublins music scene, and his own unstoppable creativity allow him the ability to create music that boldly communicates his perspectives, stories, and opinions on life, death, love, joy and all other aspects of the human condition.

“The reason I love music so much, is that I can sing what I cant say. On stage I have free reign to dress and look and sound whatever way I want, and to be my authentic self. People seem to think that its all a costume, that my dressing wildly is a performance and the “normal” Tadhg is the truest Tadhg. When it’s really the other way around.”

Make sure to catch Tadhg's Headline Show on November 17th in The Grand Social.