Tadhg Williams

Waterford City, County Waterford

Hot Press have already dubbed Tadhg Williams as "one of Ireland's most thrilling emerging songwriters." Following the release of his debut single 'My Father's Clouds' and two sold out headline shows in Dublin and Waterford, Tadhg's work has not gone unnoticed and has already begun to attract a cult following.

Blending his background in poetry with his heart-on-sleeve melodies and powerfully vulnerable vocals, his songs songs and poems explore the workings of the male psyche. Despite often subtly referencing social issues and other sincere themes in his work, his lighthearted attitude and love for his hometown of Waterford often shine through, weaving a tapestry of light and dark in his lyrics. Tadhg has been praised for his ability to write empathically creating a sort of soul-fuelled folk.

Having supported acts such as Glen Hansard, David Keenan, Rozi Plain and FIELDS, Tadhg's music and poetry has been recognised by his peers in the industry as powerful, yet not afraid to show its vulnerabilities. His live performances personify his music in that way. Joining him on occasion his band, The Council House, add an element of strength and eloquence to Tadhg's songs.

Tadhg discovered a love for poetry after joining ModWords - a collective of Waterford writers who work together to enhance and progress the local poetry scene. As a poet, he has performed alongside nationally recognised artists Emmet Kirwan, Sasha Terfous, Stephen James Smith and Natalya O’Flaherty. Indeed, he credits his development as a songwriter and poet to his time with ModWords and the support he received.

Spending the summer of 2020, writing, recording and working on different projects, the Waterford man is preparing for a busy period post-lockdown.

“Tadhg Williams is the personification of kindness, he is giving in nature and this is reflected in his music and poetry. I’ve had the pleasure to see him develop as an empathic artist which is a wonderful sight. The future is his if he wants it. Lend him your ears!” - Stephen James Smith

“Tadhg Williams, a man with many artistic pots on the boil. He is a man on the path, walk on brother.” - David Keenan.

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