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Tamara operi

Rap // Dublin, Dublin

TAMARA OPERI , is a Rapper/Singer who hails from the liberties Dublin.
TAMARA has performed in venues across Ireland , The UK , Atlanta & New York!

She started gigging in Dublin at the early age of 14 in Eamon Dorans... the Button Factory and
The Ambassador... Her first studio entrance was from the early age of
13 where she recorded her debut single "what's my name " in 2003 with Ivorian Producer yvarist yasee.

She then went on to work with UK Record label Bakerlane Records to create the soundtrack to Award winning feature film (WEAVERFISH)
this was Where she recorded her acoustic single' Questions,

("bakerlane was the best experience for me we used
To stay up at the Company studio and record till 5am and wake
Back up in the morning and start over again!)

When she turned 18 she participated in RTE1's Nationwide competition
All Ireland talent show! And came out a finalist as part of
A girl duo names "Elle"n Elle" mentored by Boy-zones pop star
Shane Lynch"

From then on Tamara decided to fly out to ATLANTA USA and
Started performing everynight to gain recognition she
trained with Jonetta Patton management (Singer Usher's mother and
Manager" she performed at P.didys' venue Justin and club
Encore and Vanquish ATL'

(" Atlanta and NY was a very true experience for me I loved working
With Jonetta Patton Management they thought me
A lot about Confidence and stage presence but most of all
They thought me that this industry is a business and in order
To be successful at your craft you need to stay aware that it was the "BUSINESS OF MUSIC and not the music
Business!") Says Tamara when asked on her experience in ATLANTA!

She also linked up with Music manager Bu Thiam and A&R from Singer Akon's
Record label Konvict recods "

"Bu took me under his wing and gave me the key to getting the best gigs in ATL
he gave me lifetime advice on the industry !

TAMARA has been workin in the industry since 2003 and is ready to take

She also participated in shows such as UK XFACTOR 2013 ITV1
Has performed on IRELAND AM , Afronight tv in Paris !

Her music has been aired on spin1038, FM104 , and radio in Paris and Russia!

"Growing up I moved around a lot from country to
Country one thing I noticed was that MUSIC IS THAT ONE COMMON LANGUAGE
UNDERSTOOD WORLDWIDE! I plan to leave my mark
In the industry and a noisy ONE TOO"

Stay tuned for TAMARA's up and coming tracks n gigs.