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T.A. Narrative

Pop // Limerick, Limerick

T.A. Narrative are Tara and Anna from Limerick, Ireland. Maintaining their long-spanning musical partnership (from punk scene bands to a love of pop music), both are inspired by their personal narratives, a love of art, and each other.

"There is a charming abandon to these singles and videos and a palpable sense of freedom and joy in the music created – this is a band I immediately want to see live"

"Set to a sprawling synth soundscape, the pops and clicks and electronic hooks that fill the spectrum of T.A. Narrative's 'Lifting You Higher' meld with the intricate vocal interplay resulting in lush listen from start to finish." -

"Songs with hooks and melodies this good seldom come out of thin air.." Limerick Post

"T.A. Narrative make their return with the hypnotic, beat-driven electro-pop of 'Braver.' Multi-layered and multi-textural, the track is pin-point in its hooks and beats."

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