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Alternative // Birr, Offaly

Temper is Joe Digan and Matt Power. Formed in 2009, they are an
alternative two-piece that defy convention. With a line up consisting
of bass and drums, the band's huge sound is a unique blend of
sinister/macabre grunge metal and striking melodies.

Having cut their teeth live in venues across Ireland and in the UK,
Temper are once again taking to the road, with the intention of
bringing their captivating and hard-hitting riffs and demonstrable
versatility to the eyes and ears of the nation.

With plans already afoot for a return to the UK toward the end of the
year, the band are currently demoing for their debut ep which is due
for release in Autumn 2010. Temper are a true original, a band most
certainly to be reckoned with.

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