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Tension Head

Metal // Ballina, Mayo

Tension Head is a five piece heavy metal band which formed in 2015.

Born from 2 guys meeting at the pool, then members started to join.

We recorded our first homemade demo in 2016 and then proceed to get as many gigs as possible.

We love heavy metal and love to share our passion for it with people as excited about it as we are.

Music is a big part of our life.

We played in Galway, the Cellar and participated to Metal to the masses 2017.

We also played this year Siege of Limerick.

We are planning on recording a full album which will allow us to have our music heard further.

A few words from Overdrive:

"Up next is Tension Head from Ballina, Co. Mayo. Following in the footsteps of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, their NWOBHM flair oozes from their music. It is undoubtedly one of the best sounding bands of the last few weeks, and the old school heavy metal is just what the doctor ordered! Rhythm and lead guitarists Ismael Mougafi and Davy McDonnell have a partnership that reeks of hard work and effort; it’s not easy harmonising a shred solo at that pace. The drumming and bass sections are fully due to their kudos also, because of Sid Murphy (bass), and Declan MacNally (drums), are very tight indeed, and run a fine line for the rest of the band..."

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