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Alternative // Limerick City, Limerick

Hailing from the city of Limerick, Theatre are a rock band formed at the end of 2022 who have made a name for themselves throughout 2023 with their understated and ethereal sound, one which epitomises the guitar melodies of early '90s post-punk and alternative rock, fused with their own style of unapologetic folk-laden sensibility.

Influences for the band haven't come short, with similar sounds to the likes of Lankum, Just Mustard, and Sinead O'Connor, to name a few. Theatre have spent their time cutting their teeth and making waves as a standout name in Limerick's thriving underground, more recently gaining more attention in Ireland's stronghold Dublin music scene.

Having made appearances in venues such as Dolans, The Grand Social and The Workman's Club, the most memorable show was their debut headliner in Pharmacia during the summer which was a sell-out event. With no releases out yet, music fans who have witnessed their live shows are with no doubt anticipating for the debut release in 2024.

Currently recording new material in Windmill Lane, the group is eager to perform more shows in Dublin as well as hometown Limerick in 2024.

With many comparing Theatre to local legends The Cranberries, Singer Maeve O'Shea reminds the audience of Delores O'Riordan with her powerful vocals, Theatre may just have a legacy to follow up to.

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