The Cosmic Funk Band

Cork, County Cork

The current line-up comprises Anthony O'Dwyer (Guitar) Dave Scanlon (Bass) and Ben Bickerdike (Vox, guitar, trumpet & Percussion) with Olly Elsholtz (Sax), Dave O' Keeffe (keys), Jack (Badger) Malone (Trombone) and Alison Long(Vox), Pat D'alton (Keys, Bari Sax, Tenor Sax), Niamh Ryan (Drums), Tony Cutburt (Percussion).

While the line-up changed quite a bit over the years the band continued tirelessly to perfect the various styles created/mastered by recording artists such as Stevie Wonder, Donna Summers, the Jackson 5, Sly Stone and Curtis Mayfield, to name but a few. While the band cut their teeth on Funk it was their introduction to Soul and Disco that grew the bands profile and commercial appeal. At this point the brothers had been playing a set that comprised of these genres for over 12 years - slowly perfecting and understanding the appeal of the three genres to each dance-floor demographic. Funk for the musicologists, Soul for the 'sisters' and Disco for the diva - who comes out in everyone at the witching hour - circa 1am.

In recent years however it has been Daptone/Truth & Soul/Dunham recording artists such as Charles Bradley and Lee Fields that inspired the band to cut some original tracks. In fact the band launched their Ep 'Take it to the limit one last time' 3 years to the day (Jan 25th) from when Charles Bradley released his debut album. In any event during the summer of 2013, after raising over €3,000 through a Fund:it initiative, the band employed the talents of Keith Clancy and Laurence White to engineer and produce their debut release. Clancy and White took on the project under the strict understanding that the band wanted to capture the breath, life and energy that both Motown and more recently Gabriel Roth(Daptones) had captured. The results do not disappoint!

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The Cosmic Funk Band - Do You Wanna Dance?