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The Elderflowers

Pop // Trim, Meath // he/him

‘The Elderflowers’ is a solo project which began during lockdown in Trim, Co. Meath. Inspired by a variety of key influences (artists such as Metronomy, The Avalanches & Chic), as well as the music experienced growing up in Meath, the focus of the project is on sampling and nostalgia. The reinterpretation of a variety of eclectic samples into vibrant new pop and funk songs provides a fresh take on pop music and is unique within the Irish scene.

The song ‘Vanities’, featured as a demo on the page is a perfect example of everything that the Elderflowers project can be. Mixed in collaboration with a number of talented engineers over the course of a few days, the song features samples from a dishwasher in a home kitchen to a 1970s soul record from Houston, Texas to a mandolin played in university practice rooms. This collage of one-of-a-kind elements combine to create a driving, catchy song, complete with vibrant, colourful lyrics.

The Elderflowers live show is an exciting and energetic experience and is performed with passion and dedication. The songs are brought to life in a fascinating way, through the use of live recording and looping through sample pads, combined with the irreplaceable feel of live instrumentation through the use of guitars and synths, along with other unique instruments such as the Omnichord and the 303. The project can be performed as a solo affair, through such loops and samples, or with a full-scale band, which features accomplished and gifted musicians, who have worked with other significant rising Irish artists.