The Fewer, The Better

Limerick, County Limerick

Welcome to the wonderful world of The Fewer, The Better!

Where a Limerick rock band who play something called psychedelic punk rock get to gig with the best of Irish and international talent in the last five years, where alien-fuelled tripped-out videos win awards in Germany whilst drummers fall off cliffs in Co. Clare but bounce back up again, where two full albums gain a legion of crazed and beautiful fans and songs about the scraping of the earth's atmosphere by the space children of an orphan race appear on CDs beside Kila, Republic of Loose and The Flaws. Where someone remembers that rock music is supposed to rock and nothing, O nothing is quite what it seems...

In the last few years The Fewer, The Better have gigged, recorded and shared CD space with some of the best bands of various generations. Thanks to 'em all! - Biffy Clyro, Bernie Torme and John McCoy (of Ian Gillan and Ozzy Osbourne fame), Chris Barron (of the Spin Doctors), Pierce Turner, New Model Army, Antiproduct, Oppenheimer, Fighting With Wire, Jaded Sun, Glyder, Delerentos, Fight Like Apes, Future Kings of Spain, Giveamanakick, The Immediate, Ronan Stone, Baby Jenx, 21 Outs and about a million others.

We're only warming up baby!

Hot Press review of the single 'Two Days of Sun'

"Limerick Rock and Roll four-piece The Fewer, The Better have kindly taken the time to write the 2009 soundtrack to the summer - it's called "Two Days of Sun" and documents the lads' unsuccessful attempts to get into a salsa club and other such minor tragedies. There's a very cool guitar solo about two minutes in. Check this one out."

The Fewer, The Better:
Nick Bromfield: Bass
Jim Griffin: Guitar & Vocals
Brendan Miller: Drums
Dave Tobin: Guitar & Vocals

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