The Getaway Gondola

Galway, County Galway

The Getaway Gondola are an energetic 8-piece funk band that has grown out of the fertile music ground of Galway in the last year. The band is composed of high level and well known musicians from about every corner of Europe and beyond playing high octane good time music.
Individually they have established themselves through their involvement with artists like Jerry Fish, Sharon Shannon, Charis, The Commitments, Emmet Scanlan & What The Good Thought, Black Magic, CubaLibre Salsa, Cafe Minor and many more; together the band creates a unique combination of funky and soulful grooves and sounds that makes it impossible to stand still.
The band’s repertoire embraces great original numbers as well as our own interpretations of funk classics by names like Jamiroquay, Tower of Power, Incognito, Stevie Wonder ..
The Getaway Gondola are:
Barbara Vulso (vocals)
Peter Akerstrom (guitar)
Marcin Plaza (keyboards)
Alan Preims (percussion)
Charles Carr (bass)
Cormac Dunne (drums)
Duncan Moore (trombone)
Peter Joyce (saxophone)

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