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The Greatest Bear

Alternative // The Great Woods of Westown, Kildare

The Greatest Bear are five 21 year olds from Naas, Co. Kildare. Since April 2006 we have spent our time performing under the name of Myokhotel. These years brought us great personal success in the form of an Oxegen slot in 2007, gigs in Queens University, Dolans and venues throughout Dublin, aswell as venturing into Start Together studio in Belfast to record several tracks.

As these recordings were listened to and critised by all involved, time came for the band members to make a change. Myokhotel had been taken as far as possible. We felt it was now time for a fresh start.

This change has come in the form of taking time away from gigging, scrapping all songs from our early years, and most importantly, giving us 5 band members a new identity.

Now, The Greatest Bear is a project that represents us better. We are no longer kids making punchy indie music. Instead, we are now spending lots of time trying to write something for ourselves. As The Greatest Bear we are trying to write songs that we feel best represent us as we are today, and songs that are influenced by the music that we enjoy listening to, not by what we felt people wanted to hear as took place in the Myokhotel years.

This change has started and The Greatest Bear is in full flow. The two demos on this site are just that, demos. These new songs are half way there, but still need time to fully develop.

Work is constant in the woods of Westown and we hope to record our own full length record by the new year.

Best Wishes,
The Greatest Bear.

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