The Heard Band Ireland

Mountshannon, County Clare

The Heard was originally set up in November 2017 by singer/songwriter Bob McMahon.

Bob had been writing songs and performing in the pubs of his home County Clare, and Galway, from a very young age.
Back in 2005, fourteen year old Bob, along with his first band, ‘Halo’, won JAM, a week long rock school for teenage originals bands, aired by RTE.
Since he had started playing with Halo, Bob had loved the excitement of writing and producing his own songs, but it was after winning JAM that Bob decided he wanted to make a career out of it.

In 2010, Bob moved to Barcelona with his cousin Danny, and together they formed the band ‘Powderhorse’.
Powderhorse performed at venues across the city and recorded a single, ‘Count the Ways I’ve Wronged You’.
Upon their return to Ireland a couple of months later, the band continued to perform regularly, including playing an opening gig for ‘The Riptide Movement’ in Dublin.

After spending a few years in New Zealand where he continued to write songs and perform as a solo act, it was in May 2017 that Bob began to record his debut album.
Bob had always envisioned performing his songs with a band behind him, and it was shortly after that he asked childhood friend ‘The Owl’ to play bass guitar before he met violinist Lucy Le Marquand. The band has since welcomed Bob’s father, percussionist Joe McMahon.

The Heard has so far released four singles, ‘Hold The Knife’, ‘You and the Lion’, ‘Hey There’ and ‘Hats Off’, the videos for which have all been filmed in the Mountshannon area with the help of local artists.
Paul Berg offered the use of his ‘Musical Island’, a raft which he designed and built, for the filming of You and The Lion on Lough Derg.
More recently, the band was loaned ‘Winty’s Cottage’ in Mountshannon village, where they filmed their Christmas single ‘Hey There’.

As well as writing, producing and promoting all of their own music, The Heard self-funds each of their projects. This is what gives them the determination to take their songs to the next level, but most importantly, drives them to continue writing and performing.

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