the holy sparks!

County Dublin

The Holy Sparks!!! are a trio obsessed with historical villains, dark shadows and eternal truths. A wide variety of instruments and influences are mixed to produce their sound.

''displays punk ethics, especially in the music which has simplicity whilst remaining powerful. Another aspect of the record is experimentation. You get the sense that this band create to please themselves more than anyone else but, again, they do it whilst keeping the music energetic and attractive, full of infectious melodies''

''‘Plots Of The Patriarchs’ is a well-rounded EP with four songs of a very high standard.....The Holy Sparks!!! have a very distinctive and unique sound, and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.'' (

''a somewhat energetic new wave, almost gothic offering from Dublin, whose bass punches and throbs, while heightened guitars exchange taunts with vocals, shrouded by haunt(ed) low-end reverb.'' ( )

''The drumming, bass, guitar, hell all of it sounds good and there’s some very cool reverb on the vocals, which I’m a sucker for. This, friends, is a bit deliciously fucked up.''( [harmless noise also selected 'plots' as one of the top 20 ep's of 2012]

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