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The Hunter Music

Acoustic // Sligo, Sligo

The Hunter is a three piece band based in Sligo. We play fantastic music fantastically well.

We are Teresa Galvin, Stephanie Pawula and Fionnuala Kennedy.

Teresa Galvin makes mouth noises.

Stephanie Pawula hits things rhythmically.

Fionnuala Kennedy plays a massive fiddle.

All in all, we are fantastic. When you see us live or listen to our new album, you will say to yourself and to your friends and family: ‘That band, The Hunter, are fantastic.’

If you really want to know what kind of music The Hunter makes, without listening to the actual songs, then phrases like: “songs influenced by Cat Power and Dusty Springfield” and “alt blusey folk”, will help you.

Teresa Galvin likes kittens.

Stephanie Pawula likes cheese.

Fionnuala Kennedy likes mountains.

Q: Teresa, why don’t you just get a normal job?

A: Well Q, I’ve dreamt of being a musician ever since I was a little girl and I can’t just abandon that dream now, I can’t wait to jump into the hedonistic world of a singer. It’s all I ask for. Hangovers, money and fast cars – it’s all waiting.

Q: Stephanie, does being French really make you a better person?

A: Yes.

Q: Fionnuala, how do you take your tea?

A: Usually hot and in a mug.

If you are a Hunter, hunt.
If you are a Teacher, teach.
If you are a Musician, make music.

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