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The Incognito Brothers

Folk // Dun Laoghaire , Dublin

The Incognito Brothers is an indie folk-rock project that commenced in 2018, founded by Michael Lawlor and Damien Gagnevin. What initially began as a duo has since evolved into a six-member family, making space a valuable commodity in the van.

Exploring a spectrum of musical directions and genres, their sound is primarily characterized by elements of rock, blues, indie, and folk. The band distinguishes itself through varied guitar styles, multi-instrumentalists, and vocal textures, creating a distinctive and original sonic signature.
In 2023, The Incognito Brothers released three singles: "Porcelain World," "Just the Way It Goes," and "Ghost in the Water," offering a glimpse into their forthcoming debut album scheduled for release in 2024.
Key Members:

Michael Lawlor: Vocals, Guitar
Damien Gagnevin: Backing Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Ales Bajgart: Bass, Backing Vocals
Eimear Lynch: Violin, Backing Vocals
Anxo Silveira: Drums/Percussion
Rosie Callaghan: Accordion, Piano, Backing Vocals