The Kybosh

County Dublin

The Kybosh like to do things at their own pace. They like to pore over every note, every beat, every verse and refrain, satisfying themselves with what they’ve made before they allow anyone else to lay their ears on it.

Never a band to get swept away by the peripherals of music, The Kybosh have ignored the ‘next best thing’ labels attached to them upon their previous pair of releases. Rather than becoming swallowed up in ambition, the band opted to continue doing what they do, as they wanted to do it.

No, it’s not an approach that will bring you fame, fortune and lovely girls. But it does bring pride, precision and progress to every new release. A step forward from 2008’s Until We Are Lost, which itself marked a near-180 turn from the stylings of 2006’s Rubicon, this edgy EP cements The Kybosh as a band who may move slowly – but who never stand still.

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