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Hip Hop // Cork City, Cork

Romantic-Realist. Cynical-Idealist. Humble AND arrogant, harsh AND soft, quiet yet
commanding, childish yet hardened, and with a shamelessness that would put you to
shame. This man knows himself. 'Introspection' is his religion. He preaches 'reflection' and
lives by this prayer. It is this duality and the assimilation of contradicting personalities that
is quintessential about TheLastPoetZen, and how he arrives at a 'realness' that is so rare
and precious. TheLastPoetZen, in whatever form you meet him, is always genuine.
Raised by two outspoken African women, his mother and grandmother, TheLastPoetZen
has inherited a magnetism that captivates. TheLastPoetZen, usually, is charismatic and
very vocal. His desire to 'help people' brought him to his profession, a Youth Worker, and
an exceptionally talented one. TheLastPoetZen confronts lifes' toughest issues through
creative media, using poetry, paint, film, photography, music and conversation as
platforms to explore his personal observations on global themes such as love, heartbreak,
family-ties, death, politics, cultural and societal norms, and encourages his kids to do the
'Travelling Without Moving', the title of his first EP, is both a celebration of growth through
encounters and an expression of rebellion against personal circumstance, constraints and
restrictions imposed on his movement since arriving in Ireland. The album is a personal
reflection on life and love in all its transformations.
He continues to explore these themes in his latest album title "Systematic Nonsense" released in the beginning of 2020. Systematic Nonsense take a more direct approach in addressing racial inequalities in Ireland while also exploring systematic racism on a global scale.
On his most recent Album release, titled 'NoNames', TheLastPoetZen explores different styles of music while
maintaining a chill vibe in his beats production ,which flow, making the album a easy listen.

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