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The Light Runners

Reggae // Cork city , Cork

Featuring some of the best reggae musicians from the Democratic
Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Denmark and
Ireland ‘The Light Runners’ are a rare treat with a back story as exciting and
interesting as their music. Some members have fled dictatorships, spent years
touring the world with soukous bands, led gospel choirs and performed on ‘The
Late Late Show’ while others having been busting their chops touring and
grooving their way across some of Europe’s finest festivals!
Blending their own original music with Jamaican, African and
English reggae The Light Runners have quickly become synonymous with
hypnotic hooks and fluid vocal harmonies with a distinctly African flair. The
head of this international super group Lazare Mbouwoua and his enigmatic and
energetic performances are sure to bring a smile to your face and people of all
ages to the dance floor.