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The Magnapinna

Alternative // Cork City, Cork // What/Who

We've been breaking tunes for years.
Nobody believes us.

The Magnapinna's debut full length album "Party Rumours" is now streaming on all major platforms.

The Magnapinna are a collective formed as an online collaboration while members were spread across the globe in locations such as Tokyo, Brisbane, Berlin, Brighton and the Galapagos Islands. The band briefly came together in 2015 to record the "Sex Tape" demo before the world swallowed them up again and spat members back across the globe.

Once back in Ireland the group recorded a mini EP entitled "Hashtag". This was followed by a run of shows that led to the recording of a first studio album titled "This Is No Wave".

The Global Pandemic saw a DIY return to work with "Squid Sandwich" - a collection of live tracks and cover tributes to Tomahawk & Warren Zevon.

This leads up to the bands first full length release titled "Party Rumours". 11 visceral and energetic tracks with hooks and flexes in all the right directions. Released Feb 14th 2022 - Valentine's Day

"The Magnapinna are not like other bands" - Sam law - Kerrang 2020

Ffo Tomahawk, Talking Heads, Boomtown Rats, Dead Kennedys etc.

All songs written and performed by The Magnapinna (copyright 2022)
Recorded by Shaun Cadogan (Last Light Recordings) at Sun Studios, Temple Lane, Dublin.
Mixed by Shaun Cadogan, The Magnapinna and a brace of Grannells
Mastered by Simon Phillips - Phantom Recordings, California -