The Mute Assassins

County Laois

Two piece rock band, The Mute Assassins are brothers Adam and Johnny Brewer.
Originally from Dublin, they are now residing in Laois.

Armed with a smorgasbord of influences, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Pumpkins, Kyuss,
Clutch, QOTSA, Mastodon, Down and beyond....

Their sound is down tuned, low end and in your face. Adam is on lead vocals and guitar. Johnny is lead vocals and drums.

The band has just completed their first recording as The Mute Assassins. A driving 3 track EP titled 'Knife, Gun, Rock'.

'Knife, Gun, Rock' was written, recorded & produced by The Mute Assassins & engineered and mixed by Adam Brewer. It was recorded at Sonas Cottage, County Kerry in March 2014.

The band is currently working on their follow up EP, which they plan to release late

Previously the brothers were part of Engines of Ruin and have played in many bands
over the years together and with other musicians.

Reviews for Engines of Ruin

"Engines of Ruin are an all-instrumental heavy blues band from Dublin. With the pedal to the metal, and I do mean that literally, the band lays it on heavy with tons of wah-wah and reverb. Engines of Ruin rocks you into oblivion with their scorching solos, crunchy power chords and substantial groove. Check'em out now!" -

Engines Of Ruin are a band that has had a troubled time of it the last couple of years, with various line up changes resulting in the band slimming down from a quartet to a two-piece for a while , with guitarist Adam Brewer making the transition to vocal duties after a brief flirtation with a Karma To Burn style instrumental sound( listen to the band's EP Triquetra for a lesson on how to make instrumental stoner rock actually rock) , helped along by powerhouse drummer Johnny Brewer , and joined recently by bassist Keith Walsh to bulk the band back up to a trio. And it has to be said, tonight the band are a revelation, ridiculously tight , with a steely confidence that translates into a determined, but not OTT, stage presence. The band's secret weapon is drummer Johnny , a sticks-man so well practiced that during a fantastic rendition of Kyuss' classic 'Green Machine', which he also sings on, he is able to keep a beat, imitate John Garcia's primeval howl AND adjust a shaky mic with one hand. That's mid verse by the way. Let's see Lars fucking Urich do that. The band as a whole have never sounded better, and their short set is pretty much flawless, a vicious tear through of oldie 'Hellectrified ' rattling the skull in all the right places.

Approximately one year ago Heavy Planet introduced Dublin's finest instru-metal groovers Engines of Ruin with their full-length Triquetra. Known for layin' down "tons of wah-wah and reverb" and Karma To Burn inspired riffs, Engines of Ruin quickly became a Heavy Planet favorite and landed on Podcast 06, The Emerald Isle. Well, as time moved forward, life changed and Engines... spent some time as a two piece. The brothers decided to continue onward and in the process found themselves covering vocals and adding some texture to their already diverse sound. The group soon added a new bassist and is looking forward to releasing a three volume set entitled The Road Of Ruin. While the set has no definite release date at this time, Engines... decided to drop a split single to ease our anticipation. The single includes two tracks Electric Weaveworld and Corporate Blues. The first track, Electric Weaveworld, is a stoner classic, a bag full-o-riffs, and certain to please Kyuss fans out there. Corporate Blues was the surprise treat on the single where Johnny [drums] drops his sticks and stuns us with his slide guitar glory and authentic blues recording... you won't know what hit you. What ruin does Engines... have in store for us next you ask? Well be sure to stay tuned and we'll be sure to keep you in the know.

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