The Objectives

Dublin, County Dublin

They say necessity is the mother of invention and out of a necessity to create explosive, air-punching, evocative tunes, The Objectives were invented. With visceral, rousing and with some punchy bloody choruses, The Objectives know you can’t always do what you like, but you can damn well object to the fact!

With a deep well of talent, skill and experience from which to draw, members of The Objectives are regular session musicians and perform in such varied bands as Pump Up The Jam, The Very Specials, The Broonettes etc. Whilst playing in cover bands, guitarist and vocalist Liam and bass player Robbie yearned to create music that was A: original, B: not likely to cause tumours but most importantly, C: has something to say. Liam introduced his old friend Nigel, a keyboard player that loves his piano and synths in equal measure and introduces tasty electronic licks into the mix. Robbie brought drummer Ken to the table. A man who can play in any genre and is in such command of his kit the symbols tremble in his wake.
The Objectives have been busy in the last 12 months putting the finishing touches to their mini- album and are currently preparing to explode onto the live gig scene in Dublin and maybe further afield. They played the Cultivate Sound Stage in the Electric Picnic 2014. They also played in the Gigonometry sessions in the Workman’s club in March 2015.

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