The OurZ

Balbriggan, County Dublin

Influenced by a diverse range of great Rock, Blues & Metal bands, from different generations, The OurZ have created a truly original sound. When you meet them along the road, you will certainly never forget them

Press :

This is good. This is Rock and Roll. The OURZ: a self-proclaimed “Dirty Rock N Roll” band from Dublin, Ireland certainly knows how to rock on the basis of this album and you can see what all the fuss is about at home. With a non-stop live show and with influences plucked from all through rock’s rich history you get something that kicks with a passion and yet comes from the heart.
-Mark Diggins-The Rockpit (Australia)

The OurZ are a hard rock outfit from Dublin. Taking their cue from Guns N Roses and Aerosmith their debut album “Dirty Tracks” is 50 minutes of crunching riffs, sleazy guitar solos, histrionic vocals and innuendo laden lyrics.
The musicianship on show is next to none and the singer possesses a great voice for this type of music. The production is also very professional- there’s a degree of slickness to the record that you don’t generally get from unsigned bands.
-Cian Walsh-MRU Magazine (Dublin)

Bringing truly impressive work to the table dripping with raw honesty, The OurZ “Dirty Tracks“ delivers a pure and classic Rock N Roll album, “Bringing Back the Biff” with their old-school, no nonsense attitude and unique brand of Dirty-Rock guaranteed to plant a smile on the dial of any true Rock-N-Roll outlaw
-Damian V-ArenaCast (UK)

"The OurZ are not afraid to show their influences on their sleeves. “Last chance” is a trip down memory lane mixing elements from the 70’s rock era with a touch of folk. The OurZ delivers the blueprint to a summer’s road trip. It is so easy to get lost in the memorizing guitar licks and sing along choruses. The OurZ is a very talented group and although I’ve only heard one song, I know that they have the passion and the drive that made Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin make the charts. "
- Derek Block, The Pig Roast Review (US)

When it comes to high grade 'Dirty rock n roll', certainly in underground scenes, one band has in the past few years always been to the fore and stood apart with their own brew of raw and insatiable rock. Irish band The Ourz since forming in 2008 has infected and captured the imagination of all who have come across their sounds or live performances. Influenced by multi flavours and bands across rock, blues, and metal, the Balbriggan quartet simply offer honest and passionate music, sounds from the heart for the heart.
-Pete Ringmaster, The Ringmaster Review (UK)

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