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The Parks

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

/////Since they formed a little over 2 years ago, The Parks, spending their time writing and gigging, have grown in popularity in Dublin through the maturity and sensibility towards song writing they've shown in what they've recorded, coupled with an electricity in their live performances that would surpass many older, more established acts.\\\\\

'Blessed with the exuberance of youth, The Parks are not only one of the newest bands on the block but rapidly becoming one of the best.' - State

'New kids on the local indie block, The Parks have 'big things predicted' displayed in scarlet neon above their little post-leaving cert heads. Their set at Dorans is a thriller packed with burgeoning class and pregnant with the hope that they can hone it all by degrees, into something very special before greatness is simply thust upon them.' - State HWCH2008

'Up and coming bright young things wowed the socks off seasoned rockers with their Saturday night slot in Eamon Dorans for HWCH2008' Hot Press

'The Parks kick off this installment of IMRO's tour with Michael McCaughley's enduring hi-hat assaults ensuring we never become as disinterested as the singer looks.' Hot Press

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