the pinfires

dublin, County Dublin

With the poisonous bite of a south pacific sea snake and the forboding lustre of brushed steel, the Pinfires aim is to provide it's audience with a full on carnival ride of sensory assault, whilst still allowing the listener to take time to ponder the great comic tragidy of human existence.
The rhythym section. Locky 'Thunder Sticks' Flanagan and Conor 'Knife Skin' Sheehan take the beat for a walk. On guitar Fionn 'Home Squeeze' Walsh waltzes the six string like a nineteen twenties mobster dancing with the strong arm of the law during prohibition. Finally Charlie 'I'm from Cork and Cork is deadly cause its Cork and although I like other parts of the world they're grand but well, ther're just not Cork are they' Mehegan sings, well, quite well actually. These boys pursue a trail of clues leading to a verdict of righteous riff mongrering and broken hearts. So go on, The Pinfires, try them on for size, smile as if feeling the reasuring stickyness of new leather and say YES!

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