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The Piseógs

Ska // Sligo, Sligo

The Piseógs (that's pronounced pishogues for the uninitiated) are a 6 piece ska band based in Leitrim and Sligo. They are the brainchild of Patrick Carayannis (aka The Island Frog). They have been active for 3 years with 3 self-released EPs under their belt. Mental Space Invader's Ball (April 2019), Mental Space Invaders' Other Ball (April 2020) and Limestone Rock (April 2021).

An uncompromising act, The Piseógs eschewed the commercial norms of the ska world (ska-punned names obviously, checkered motifs, suits etc.) and present themselves more as a jazz outfit, read it's complicated. Their sound, though heavily influenced by old school traditional ska, evokes the folk sensibilities of other genres: from Irish Traditional to Greek Rembetika; Caribbean Mento to Jazz.

They boast a collection of superb musicians, not just technically adept but also accomplished improvisors who can tackle the challenging material presented to them by Carayannis.

Their first 2 EPs got an excellent reception online. Through a sustained campaign on social media outlets, The Piseógs managed to get on the playlist of a host of internet radio stations. They were regularly played on community radios – Rocksteady Rhythms on Dundalk FM and Ska Patrol on Near FM (Dublin). Thus the band garnered some notoriety within the Irish ska scene and beyond.

They also drew the attention of the London Intl' Ska Festival. Don't Grow Up, a track from their first EP, was selected to appear on the promotional comp Rudies All Around vol.2 (Released January 2021). The Piseógs found themselves in the company of some world renowned acts as The Bandulus, Mr Kingpin, The Badasonics and The Phoenix All Stars. Read Junk, a NY based entertainment site, listed Don't Grow Up as one of the notable tracks off the album. The comp was released on vinyl thus amounting to the first bit of silverware in the Piseógs' trophy cabinet.

Their latest release Limestone Rock has been gathering momentum. Stephen Shafer of The Duff Guide To Ska said 'they're a fantastic traditional-leaning ska and rocksteady band from Sligo, Ireland (whose sound is a mix of The Trojans and Bim Skala Bim) and they've issued a new, you-shouldn't-miss EP titled Limestone Rock...'.

More recently The Piseógs were invited to be a part of Stubborn Records' 30th Anniversary celebration compilation. This will again raise their international profile considerably.

The Piseógs could, in spirit, be perceived as a reincarnation of a jazz band from the roaring 20s of last century. An upbeat antidote to the current global mayhem.

Line Up:
Patrick Carayannis – Guitar, lead vocal; Conor Bastible - Keys, backing vocal; Jaimie Carswell – Bass; Robert Essmeier – Drums, backing vocal; Johannes Kavanagh – Trumpet; Peadair Murphy – Tenor Sax; Sometimes special guest from NY, Rob Price – Guitar