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The Pox Men

Other // Letterkenny, Donegal

We are the Pox Men, formed in the bogs of Donegal thousands of years ago, we recently ventured out into the cold modern air, with a bag of songs and a wheelbarrow full of instruments. Fueled by poitin, mushrooms and spuds, we roar and shout and sing and play, about the horses, the wee folk, the witches, the turf, the thunder and lightnin', and the silver tractors of ancient times. We are Bill on vocal chords and guitar strings, Will on electrified guitar, Kev on acoustical bass, Mike on the beating barrels, and occasionally, if the moon is in the right place, we have a mysterious fiddler appear, who we've never dared to ask his name. We're tryin' to learn the tin whistle too.

If you're lookin' for labels, try Proto- Psychedelic - Celtic - Punk - Folk.

The Pox Men Album Launch, 29th November 2014, GREENROOM LIVE
Supporting BOB LOG III, 4th Dec 2014, Letterkenny
Supporting Duke Special & SOAK, 5th Feb 2015, McGrorys, Culdaff
Citog, 18 March 2015, Roisin Dubh, Galway
Distorted Perspectives, Letterkenny, 30th April 2015
Vantastival Festival, 1-3 May 2015, Louth
BBA Taking Control Festival, 12-14 June, 2015 Bangor, Co.Down
Swell Festival, 11-12 July 2015, Arranmore Island
Wild Atlantic Craic Festival, Dunfanaghy 4th June 2016
With the Greenland Whalefishers, Central, Letterkenny, 9th June 2016
Swell Festival, Sunday Night 10th July 2016, Arranmore Island
Knockanstockan : Animal Barn Sunday Night 24th July 2016
Vantastival Festival: Main Stage Saturday 3rd June 2017
Species Festival: main stage July 2017
SWELL festival, Arranmore Island: Main stage 2017
Electric Picnic, Bog Cottage / Ballyionosphere stage (Body & Soul Area) : Resident Band Sept 2017 (4 gigs)
Bellurgan Park, Headline Act Oct 2017


"Totally mad Psychedelic/Celtic/Proto-Punk/Folk music from Donegal" (Nialler9)

"What's not to like? Sweet and Tender, and I'm glad St.patrick didn't banish the snakes!" (Barry Devlin, Horslips)

"Now you know why we shortened our name" (Jim Lockhart, Horslips)

"It's weird, it's wonderful, its whacky, it's crazy. Songs you wouldn't want to listen to late at night with headphones on your ears. The singer sounds a little like an axe-murderer." ( Darren Cleary, RTE 2XM)

"The Lannisters are haven' a birthday party, at the Nightswatch Arms, right, and who comes onstage, but the local band, The Pox Men…." (Theo Shend, Spinning Man Podcast)

"Quit a good satire on the state of Ireland at the moment. They sound like pirates at times, at other times they sound drunk, to be brutally honest. The vocal is so bizarre, it's almost indescribable. There are not enough bands making noise about what's wrong in this country, and this band are doing that" (James Hendicott, RTE 2XM, GOLDENPLEC)

"Like a drunken waltz through the ballrooms of No Romance,this is unbelievable fare from start to finish, and if Post-Punk met Thin Lizzy and the Horslips, at a Pogues gig on acid this would be the result! It's astonishing and compelling listening, it's like listening to twisted old ballads played by a drunken Fall, with a demented scarecrow singing! It's sinister, scathing, and rebel rousing stuff with a satirical, comical edge! Never heard of these Donegal lads before, but now I will seek them out! This makes Celtic punk sound like the brotherhood of man, ugly, twisted and beautiful in all parts! 10/10"(Album review by Deklan Dachau/ Paranoid Visions)

"From the minute they strum the first note, you know there is something special about this band. This album is a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but can when it wants to, it is a trail blazer. And if you are hungry for something that came out past 2009 and wasn’t made in bed by a stoned fecker on Ableton then this album is for you." (Robert Mulhern, PURE Magazine)

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