The Rockets

Dublin, County Dublin

The Rockets are a four piece rock n roll band based in Dublin. Passionate, lifestyle 1950s rock n roll devotees, The Rockets are made up of veterans from several Dublin original bands: Puppy Love Bomb, The Josephs, Eva Dallas and OCB to name a few.
We have been busy touring Ireland over the past 4 years and have made a reputation for ourselves in the UK as the top 50s rock n roll band representing The Beatles Hamburg days at The International Beatles Festival in Liverpool. For the past four years we have attended this festival topping the bill at The Cavern Club and Adelphi Hotel.
In the past year we have been writing and recording potential original songs with a view to an EP and eventually an album release in 2013.
These songs are all in a 1950s R&B style which reflects our influences and passions.

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