The Sons Of Robert Mitchum

Belfast, County Antrim

A Belfast and Berlin based neo-noir, multinational - five piece, delivering songs and music tainted in darker subject matter, with the influential tones of Cave, Waits, Brel and Slivovica. Since 2011 their profile has risen with gigs and festival appearances in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe.

Happily devoted to misery, depression, melancholy, alienation, bleakness, disillusionment, despair, cynicism, pessimism, ambiguity, moral corruption, evil, guilt, desperation, paranoia, existentialism and doomed love.

I found it absolutely enthralling and quite unique in style to anything I've heard...Al Gilmore ...Chordblossom Magazine

Spellbinding, intense and beautifully dark
Anna Romanowska, Szczecin Gazeta

Their uniqueness lies in the sincerity and consistency of a performance which presents concepts that do not dazzle with unnecessary emotions; a beautiful, bitter story.
They're not confined to the interpretation of melancholy, dark convention, but build on and move freely between definitions, combining jazz, folk, rock and other sonic influences
Olga Jankowska...Port Kultury

"The Sons of Robert Mitchum are the coolest band I've ever seen! It's the Sopranos meets The Wire meets a dramatic Eastenders episode! Love it” Andy Cowan… Deadonmusic

"I didn't start drinking until I heard The Sons of Robert Mitchum, they recognise that noir means more than reading a few James Ellroy novels" Christo… QUB Radio

“The Sons of Robert Mitchum can put a bummed out guy on a feel good high at the worst of times.” Adam Gough…Circle Magazine

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