The Thrash Blues

County Dublin

Proving there is life in the old dogs, and not content to grow old quietly or gracefully, The Thrash Blues hit the stage intent on inspiring those within earshot with Loud, Loose & Raw Rock music. The pair are clearly inspired by Punk, Rock, Roll and Blues and carve out a sound resolutely their own. Liz & Ro refined their style throughout 2018 with their busiest run of gigs to date, including their first batch of headline shows. A new single, 'Halo' was released June 2019 - winning the band a semi-final place on Radio Novas 'Nova Discovered' competitiion.

“Rock n’ roll duo The Thrash Blues cooly take to the stage to ignite the night with their burly grooves and slick riffs. Not one’s for banter they whack into each track with surety and vigor loosening up the crowd’s hips with their swagger steeped richly developed tunes. Liz and Ro have finely chiseled their sound for maximum impact. The beefy riffs, slick guitar licks and melodic purrs weave their way suavely through the punchy drums superbly to create a thrilling contrast. Their raw yet refined sound is perfect to dance to. The Black Keys – esque ‘Wicked Man’ blasts out the energised and playful loose musicianship of this band with an edgy punk whack that hits you in the mouth half way through. There are lush guitar twangs, riveting drum rumbles and warm smooth vocals throughout the set filling each track with its own unique and vibrant character. For bluesy tinged, punk slapped rock n’ roll The Thrash Blues are the ones to call.” -

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