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The Tracks

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

The band was formed in early 2012 by Jack OFlaherty and Eoin Coogan.
They began gigging in May of 2012 and by August were supporting bands such as The New Musty Rhythms and The Hassle Merchants. After going through a few additional members and shuffles in the lineup the lads settled on Cormac Kelly on Bass guitar and Michael Stapleton on drums. The band is no represented by The Melted Lady Management Company.

The lads then began crafting their unique sound which has been heard all over the country from Carlow to Dublin, Sligo to Cork city.

The Tracks, though being a relatively new band, have an exciting sound that combines the members varying influences that range from Guns 'n' Roses' blistering guitar solos to the bass and groove driven sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"Stapleton's quick right foot and Kellys lightning fast fingers ensure a crowd will not stop dancing till the final note while O'Flahertys vocals bark and hiss and Coogan's guitar playing beckons the crowd to sing along (if they can!)" - Tony Murphy, Coolman Records

"An joyful assault on the ears and the mind that can only be likened to the noise god might make if he were to win the lotto! An amazing live band that never cease to terrify and thrill simultaneously" - Joe Mean

Jack O'Flaherty Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Eoin Coogan Lead Guitar
Cormac Kelly Bass Guitar
Michael Stapleton Drums, Vocals