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The Village Vandals

Hip Hop // Kerry

The Village Vandals are a young musical duo from Ireland/ France. Their music is gloriously unclassifiable as they hop from one style to the next, leaving the smoking remains of one revered church to seek out the next to torch. Their contemporary folk fables deal with the harsh realities of 21st century rural existence, as well as more pressing international issues. 
They are Ruby Mae Shiels, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and Kevin Donnelly, rapper and producer. 
The Village Vandals live is the concoction of a rare blend of unusual ingredients, Rap, Punk, R&B, Rapping, Singing, Beats, Electric Mandolin and Guitar.
 Delivered through their comedic theatrics, unquestionable stage presence and crazy energy
. The Village Vandals storm the stage with a high energy stampede of musical variety, set a blaze convention, blow conformity out of the water and swing possessed skill and scorned personality like a proud flag, rallying the worlds ‘vandals’ from the sea of order.

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