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The Visitors

Rock // Donegal Town, Donegal

Hello ,

The Visitors are a four piece Groove Rock outfit from South West Donegal. We have been together since November 2010. Having written a collection of original songs and played a number of gigs in our local area, in March 2011 we embarked on a 12 date tour around Ireland in venues in Sligo, Roscommon, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Dublin and Derry. This was fun and we played numerous stand alone gigs in the months following. Our intention had been to follow this with a second tour around Ireland and the UK later in the year but in true Spinal Tap fashion our drummer exploded.

Experimenting with sounds and tracking down the almighty Eoghan McDermott to take over the position of drums took a few months. We are now geared up and ready to start blowing minds.

Our attention is cuurently turned to recording, we have been working on refining our material and making the necessary preparations for entering the studio. Working with Producer Keith Sherry we're going to make the best and most honest record we possibly can for everyone who has helped and supported us and hopefully a few more people too.