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Alternative // Dublin

Over the last two years the Dublin six-piece have been developing their sound and building an increasingly passionate fanbase. With a line up of two drummers and four guitarists, THUMPER’s maximalist wall of sound has long since set them apart in the booming Dublin music scene, and has them “punching like heavyweights alongside Fontaines DC and The Murder Capital” (Chris Hawkins, BBC Radio 6).

Delusions of Grandeur reveals THUMPER’s trademark penchant for saccharine melody and unabashed hooks, all the while set against their signature psych-drenched rumble. This harsh juxtaposition of sweet and caustic is where THUMPER thrive.

While Delusions of Grandeur features plenty of homages to classic alt rock such as Weezer, Pixies or The Dandy Warhols, it is also steeped in the influence of contemporaries such as Viagra Boys, King Gizzard, Shame and even Idles at their most psychedelic. At other points the sheer bombastic nature of its production recalls Irish psych alumni My Bloody Valentine on Loveless, or no wave veterans Sonic Youth on Daydream Nation.

Nowhere is this bombastic recording process more apparent than on the record's final act – the 20-minute Overbite Suite consisting of three songs recorded and performed as one long piece - this epic attempt at pushing past the mould of what a ‘song’ can be, in part justified by the album’s title.

Delusions of Grandeur however is not just a statement of musical intent. The LP's title refers to a struggle of self image, internal and external, and the existential maintenance that all of this implies. Frontman Leahy Furlong’s visceral and surreal lyrics obsess over the search for the ‘authentic self’ in a medium so steeped in pretentiousness.

This central tension mirrors and challenges the chaos of light and dark in the music itself, as the record continuously swings from light hearted to brutal, keeping the listener hooked the entire time.

While THUMPER remain 'Cult heroes' (Clash Magazine) in Ireland, the six-piece band are no stranger to international touring. They've already completed 3 extensive UK tours, a European tour, supported Fangclub, and appeared at festivals such as Groningen's Eurosonic Festival ('My highlight of Eurosonic. Epic! Such a massive, massive sound' Abbie McCarthy, BBC Radio 1), and Hamburg's Mucke Bei Dei Fische.

This volume of touring is no mean feat for a band who are only now releasing their first LP, but THUMPER are not resting on their laurels. 2022 will see THUMPER head to Reeperbahn Festival and Iceland Airwaves, amongst many others.


Oisín Leahy Furlong - Vocals, Guitar
Alan Dooley - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alex Harvey - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dav Campbell - Bass, Backing Vocals
Stevie D’Arcy - Drums
Benedict Warner-Clayton - Drums

“Pop hooks and ragged guitar noises collide on THUMPER’s bratty, frenetic punk rock.” - Q Magazine

“My highlight of Eurosonic, Two drummers making an epic noise on stage. Such a huge band. Really really massive sound" - Abbie McCarthy, BBC Radio 1

"In Dublin it's been thrilling to witness The Murder Capital, Fontaines D.C. & THUMPER to see who can be the most visceral on stage and on record" - Hot Press Magazine


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