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Todd & Karen

Alternative // Cork // He/She

Todd & Karen is the moniker under which Norwegian Øyvind Berge and Cork-native Ina Verdi-Ruckstuhl release their quirky, ironic and melodious indie inspired by late 60s/early 70s Britpop.
The duo released their debut EP entitled "Approximately Here For A Bit" on October 14th, 2022 on the Danish record label Sublime Exile Recordings. Their latest release is the single "Blackpool Lights" (Sublime Exile Recordings), released March 10th 2023.

Some reviews:

"Blackpool Lights is an enamoring new single from Todd & Karen [...] invoking a ’60s pop nostalgia with the effervescent and playful vocals, guitar twangs, and symphonic pop elements." - Mike Mineo, Obscured Sound

" [...] opening track L12 [...] the beautiful vocals sail in front of seas that shine in rare beauty! We have no doubt that the song could probably be part of the repertoire of legend The Byrds [...] Tasty hints of local folk music adorn this record that is already born with classic airs [...] " - Luanda Myers, Music For All

"Todd & Karen’s debut EP is short but immediately sweet. 4 songs full of characters, rich instrumentation, accessible delivery, and musical intention." - Moataz Gwaily, Rock Era Magazine

"I really love the melody on the song "Mr. Beardsley". I think Todd & Karen do a good job walking the line between the serious and the silly on that one, in the same way that many of their influences were able to. It's just a catchy, upbeat song that [...] makes you want to go back and listen to it again." - John Kehl, Song Surfing Podcast