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Hip Hop // Carrickmacross , Monaghan

Biography on Trappiiee

Breaking onto the Irish music scene just shy of a year ago, Trappiiee is a Zimbabwean born and Irish raised artist. Versatile and can enter in any genre with ease having made over 200+ songs since last year summer. The variety of songs you will hear from Trappiiee will blow your mind.
Music has always been apart of my identity growing up, as I’ve competed in talent shows, participated in choirs.
As a child, I gained inspiration from the likes of Tracy Chapman, James Brown and Michael Jackson.

My only fear is being misunderstood as an artist

Quote from an article about Trappiiee -

"Before being judged before being known. If you want to know Trappiiee, ask him yourself!! I’m a loveable and understanding artist who wants to get or allow people to be open about their feelings.
"I want my music to touch people and make them understand that it's okay to speak about your feelings as I have been the victim to suppressing feelings."

My music is solely made to make people be more expressive and understand the meaning of being able to let all emotions out will set them free. I use music to do so and let others know they are not alone in the same/similar situation.
Being able to relate is my goal.

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