Trick Mist

Cork, County Cork

Listening to the music of Cork based electronic songwriter Trick Mist (Gavin Murray) is almost a meditative experience. His arsenal of original samples combined with gestures towards traditional music and storytelling lyrics, creates a captivating immersive soundscape for the listener.

Self produced in Ireland, on the road in India and South-East Asia, 'Both Ends’ (his debut album released Nov 2018 via Pizza Pizza Records) is a compelling, cohesive and original body of work. Sonically the album draws heavily from a unique library of sounds captured by Murray while travelling. Emotionally intense and deeply thoughtful, the album is a product both of Murray's internal monologue and his external environment created over the last 2 years.



'Warmth, Rage, complexity and beauty' - The Irish Times

'Album of the week' - Dan Hegarty

'an understated jewel in the crown of the Irish music scene, and we’d do well to pay close attention to the nuances of its spark.'- The Thin Air

'There's a greatness at work here'
'On stage he may as well be behind a curtain, in another world, a séance with the audience residing in the real world, but slowly being drawn into his parallel habitat by the end of the set.' - Remy

'soothing open narrative-style vocals..The Cork producer takes you on his journey to India'- Nialler9

'Breathtakingly powerful - the true magic of song writing that few can pull off with such aplomb. Highly recommended.'- Piccadilly Records

'Intensely deep, experimental music that seems to throb in your ear long after you cease to listen.' 'His peculiar yet compelling brand of intensely thoughtful, experimental music moved us.' 'clearcut lyrical vision with astute electronic compositions.' 'Murray wraps his hauntingly beautiful compositions in an angular sheen, offering the listener a juxtaposition of tones that eschew the norm.' - State

'The tone is dark, the percussion is jarring and mechanical, the bass throbbing, and yet there remains a warmth.' - Fakedangerous

'Thrives on capturing any sound that takes his fancy, and then reincarnating it as a captivating piece of music. ' - Croco Magazine

'Blends together folk and electronic music to create a sound that is both unique and unforgettable.'
'An immense experimental EP that we could not get enough of.' - Diamond Deposits

'A wonderfully cohesive journey that is completely engaging.' - The Sound of Confusion

'His innovative blend of down tempo forms will keep you comfortable on the back of your seat, brooding and soothing and very very interested' - Classified Records


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