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Indie // Dublin

Tridence are an Indie, Alternative-Rock band from Dublin, Ireland. The band consists of cousins, Bailey McLoughlin on lead vocals/lead guitar(Aged 18) and Ben McLoughlin on rhythm guitar(Aged 16) along with PJ Moore-Coates on bass guitar(Aged 19).

Bailey and Ben conceived the idea to start a band in the year 2019 and very quickly began writing songs and visualising their success. The boys are very spiritual, whether that's in how they write their music or dictate the next move to make in furthering their career. Covid-19 played a major role in what would be the official beginning of the band, as the boys had a lot more time to think, write and hone their sound.

Tridence have since been played on Irish radio, released a multitude of singles, an acoustic EP and on June 9th released their debut album entitled "Euphoric Youth".