Trophy Wife

County Dublin

Trophy Wife (Ruby Smyth) born 1999 is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Ireland. She has just released her debut EP Art.

While living in Barcelona in 2018, she wrote and conceptualized her debut EP. The project, now known as Art, was recorded throughout the summer of 2019 in Dublin.

Ruby prides Trophy Wife’s sound on being influenced by a diverse number of sonic and aesthetic palettes. She cites a wide range of musical influences from Jazz to Pop to Classic Rock - all evident in the textures of Art.

Although listing Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis and Debussy among her favourite musicians, Trophy Wife’s music easily fits alongside that of her popular contemporaries such as King Princess, Clairo, Lizzo and MUNA. Trophy Wife demonstrates a refreshing ability to amalgamate her knowledge of Art, Literature and Music to create an aesthetically ambitious sonic expression in an articulate and outspoken way, that is simultaneously Pop and Alternative. While embracing Pop Culture, she is very aware of its many pitfalls and shortcomings. This perspective informs her music, inspiring her to create accessible pieces but yet still tackle engaging concepts and challenging lyrics.

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