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True Home

Psychedelic // Dublin

True Home is a Dublin Based Psychedelic Ambient Doom Metal Duo. The Bass and Drum combo balance between transcendent meditations and earth shattering heavy riffs. For two people they move a serious amount of air at bone crushing volumes, helped by the droning modular synth providing a continuous lush atmosphere to get lost in. Their 3rd album "Black Lotus" was their first release with Cursed Monk Records. But they are First and Foremost a live act, with psychedelic lights and visuals, improvised jam sections and an overall atmosphere that many describe as a "near religious Experience".

"In my opinion True Home are fast becoming one of the best live bands in Ireland. Every show is an explosion of energy! If you have had the pleasure of seeing them you know exactly what I mean" - Cursed Monk Records

"Fully Formed, fully deserving of all accolades, a highest level album." - Ninehertz Podcast

"Black Lotus is an excellent release; it has everything ... a thoroughly enjoyable album, a must-have for all who want to headbang, but also want calm amidst the chaos of the metal scene." - Overdrive

Upcoming Gigs

6th July 2024 14:00 MonkFest 2024 More details