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Tung in Cheek

Indie // Dublin, Dublin // them/they

Tung in Cheek are a 4-man, Post-Indie Rock band from Dublin that play distinguishable original music. With Andy Burke on lead vocals, Chris Brady on drums, Eoin O'Shea on lead guitar and Jordan Lawless on bass, the band have invariably created a sustainable and unique presence - an upbeat post-pop bass colliding with psychedelic guitar effects; they have implemented their own influences to reinforce this sound and rely upon artists such as The Stone Roses, Dope Lemon, and Outkast to further their protruding indie aura.

Formed in 2019, the band is composed of 3 former members of The Klares who experienced a successful stint under the guidance of MCD Productions at a young age. After putting education first, the band came to an end but they continued their interest in writing and performing music. A degree in the back pocket coincided with the collaboration of RIAM percussionist, Chris Brady, lit the flame for a new chapter and the creation of Tung in Cheek.

The band has been hard at work to assemble an array of indie tracks - a composition that will effectively merge their indie influences with the psychedelic demeanour their music cultivates. Tung in Cheek are building up to their next single release in the near future, with a number of single releases planned for 2021.

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