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Rock // Sligo, Sligo

We are an original Rock band Túsk from Sligo. Formed at the start of the pandemic working as best they could online and meeting up when possible. The band members are all seasoned musicians playing in many previous bands. All members are influenced by classic rock but also trad, classical and jazz. Jamie Callaghan is one of Irelands formost rock singers with Matthew Herrarty being a guitar virtuoso. Dave McLoughlin brings a trad influence to the music. Paul Hartel is also a jazz drummer and Shane Benjamin is a music tech as well as talented bass player. Túsk released their debut album in March 2023 and has been well received getting radio airplay in Ireland and abroad. The band have played at the Wild Roots festival, Sligo Live, Whiplash festival and many other live performances. Túsk are a highly ambitious band who aspire to be an international touring outfit and are committed to work towards that end. The band hope to tour Ireland and build on their reputation as an excellent live band. Onwards and upwards.