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Folk // Galway

I have been playing music in and around 20 years starting with classical violin at the age of 6. I also played classical piano and also trumpet in a brass and reed band, but guitar has always been my instrument of choice, but i certainly give as much time to the piano and traditional Irish fiddle. My biggest problem in music is that i love so many different genres of music, everything from Black Metal to Classical and Light Opera from World Music to Electronic, from Irish Traditional to New Age and Celtic, and thats just scraping the surface. Ancient Laments is not just my first solo recording, but also my first attempt at music production so it is really just a little experiment for my production practice and also to see if i can find a common ground to incorporate the many different styles of music that i love. My first full length album is due out in early 2013. It features 11 new tracks that range from folk and Irish traditional to epic and cinematic and from rock and melodic metal to electronic and world....stay tuned.