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Pop // Blanchardstown, Dublin

"Fedora's and fearlessness is all you need to make your mark" 
 Viscose is an Irish electronic pop artist. Being the writer and producer of all his music, Viscose's love of dance, house and pop stems from his love of LGBT and pop culture. Viscose draws inspiration from Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Dagny while colliding it with sophisticated sultry synth sounds, his music is danceable and full of groove. As a skilled producer, Viscose has produced various successful songs for other artists; Cat (slipping), Mack Johan (Encore) & Apollo Monroe (soda pop.) 
 Since taking a year out to refine his production skills, collaborate and create magic, Viscose is set for a jam packed year full of exciting releases, visuals and project's. Viscose's devotion to electronic dance music has shaped him into the eclectic, fashion forward visionary that he is today. 
 "There's something about expressing a certain feeling not only through words but actually through the texture and format of instrumentation. Dance music doesn't always have to have a happy story behind it." — VISCOSE