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Von Liz

Indie // Tipperary

Von Liz is Tipperary musician Barry Lanigan, residing in Berlin since 2013. Von Liz fuses electronic beats and bass, psychedelic guitars and often witty, sometimes menacing observations on life and his surroundings, culminating in 2022's debut LP, #ourextinction.
With a punk rock background, Lanigan carries this DIY ethos with a string of self-produced music videos featuring anything from drag queens of Berlin to laments on Paddywhackery. The Von Liz live show is a one-man-band affair, sometimes caustic, sometimes light-hearted, earning Von Liz a newly-coined genre courtesy of author Róisín Kiberd: 'Pissed-off Pop.'

'Within it all there's an ever-beating heart, and Von Liz uses his characteristic humour, wit, energy and observation to bring it all to life - a digital postcard from the crumbling shoreline of what might be the end times. - Liam Cagney (Guardian/White Review/Irish Times)

'A journey both dystopian and delightful' - The GOO Magazine

‘#ourextinction is the howl in the alleys of Europe, a stroll along the rim of the abyss to tight hard grooves, louche vocals and menacing observations.’ – Rob Doyle (author of ‘Threshold’ and 'Here are the Young Men')

'An effortless blend of indie rock, folk, psychedelica and electronica to get us dancing rather than moping along to the hashtagged apocalypse.' - Tom Miodrag (Irish Culture Berlin)

'Pissed off pop...carrying all the mild annoyances of the world on his shoulders!' - Roisin Kiberd (author of The Disconnect)

'An album for our times' - John Holten (Broken Dimanche Press)

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