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Von Shakes

Rock // Howth, Dublin

Following the release of their debut single ‘The Routine’ earlier this year, Von Shakes have just released their first album also titled ‘The Routine’.

A Rock ‘n’ Roll four piece from Dublin, the band have finally brought the sound that has enthralled audiences in Ireland, England, Germany and even Russia to the recording studio.
With the production help of Conor Brady (The Blades, The Revanants) and Phil Hayes (Delorentos, Bell X1), Von Shakes have translated their electrifying live sound onto record, capturing everything that has contributed to their critical acclaim in the past year.

The album ‘The Routine’ contains 11 tracks of classic rock for a new decade. This is a collection of modern anthems with no limitations in terms of its appeal to music lovers everywhere. Gritty vocals, clean instrumentals and infectious choruses – ‘The Routine’ is evidence of the bands’ musical aptitude.

Playing live every week this past year has served to cement Von Shakes as one of the tightest bands in Dublin and this is effortlessly demonstrated in every song on the album.
Bold but not pretentious. Classic but relevant. This is the ‘The Routine’.

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