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Coming from the Russia’s most western city, Saint Petersburg, the soulful electro pop trio makes music that is a mixture of music from the 80s and 90s, a wide approach of drawing inspiration from house, synth pop, as well as rock music from the 70s, which is reflected most evidently in their sophisticated song writing.
Vougal’s first album was recorded in unique Tokyorama studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with analog touch from Sare Havlicek on production and mixing duties.

Vougal remix (live version) of "I Need It" by Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club & Lipelis was out on vinyl on Teardrop (Germany) in 2012.

Their first self-released EP “Moving On Up” is culminating feelings of joy and happiness, whatever the place is, it just matters that you are with your soul mate.
Soon after the EP release Vougal was acclaimed as one of the most exciting young bands in Russia. These talks were confirmed by an overcrowded debut gig in hometown St. Petersburg.

«Very soon St. Petersburg's Vougal can become a serious competitor to Tesla Boy, On-The-Go and other big names here - they are playing brisk disco pop, which is disposing to dances in a good dress». — www.volna.afisha.ru.

Band members:
Michael Zhitov - lead vocals
Slava Voroshnin - backing vocals, keyboards, guitars
Misha von Gall - backing vocals, drums, percussion

All music and lyrics are written by the band members; all stylistic decisions, regarding the concept, the direction of music and production, are made by the band.

The band members Slava Voroshnin and Misha von Gall perform as DJs under the band name Vougal. 

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