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Indie // Midleton, Cork // She/Her

A wee mouse with a big voice, VOXmouse is Cork's singer-songwriter and oxymoron, Ró Barry.

Known for weaving strong vocals into anthemic bangers and haunting lullabies, with ethereal piano riffs and traditional guitar, VOXmouse's sound dallies with dream-folk and alt-pop to capture the usual suspects of love and loss, and more poignant societal issues such as rape culture, women’s rights, mental health and society's overconsumption. She uses music as a medium to challenge societal norms with thought-provoking lyrics and emotive story-telling.

This past year has led her to collaborate with two other Irish artists, BRÍDÍN and Dark & Lively, expanding her listeners and wading through the Irish music scene and supporting Irish Indie greats such as Lisa Canny and Jack O'Rourke at landmark venues Connolly's of Leap and Sea Church Ballycotton.

After a chance encounter over the Summer, she was invited to the renowned Metropolis Studios in London in November 2023, where she worked with industry legend Richard Connell, recording two tracks set for release in 2024 on her EP 'Feathers'.

Her influences include Sinéad O'Connor, The Cranberries, The Dubliners, Hozier, and Elder Island.

Upcoming Gigs

30th August 2024 19:00 Act at Sceitimíní Festival (name change of LIOS Festival 2023)

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